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National Science and Technology Progress Award Winner Again
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On January 8th, the National Annual Science and Technology Awards Conference announced the winners for 2017. The“UHV ±800kV DC Transmission Project” obtained the special prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. The subsidiaries of Energy China were the major participants for this project. It was the second time for the technology team to be honored with this award as the participant in the “Engineering Application of Key technologies, Complete equipment for UHV Transmission” in 2012.
The subsidiaries of Energy China independently or in collaboration as a major participant obtained 3 National Science and Technology Progress Awards, among which“UHV ±800kV DC Transmission Project” (特高压±800kV直流输电工程) obtained the special prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, “Development, Research and Project Demonstration of 600MW Supercritical Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler” (600MW超临界循环流化床锅炉技术开发、研制与工程示范) obtained the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and “China Water-saving Social Construction Theory, Technology and Practice”(中国节水型社会建设理论、技术与实践) obtained the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award; and obtained 178 provincial and industry level science and technology awards, among which “Innovation and Application of the Whole Set Technology of Hydraulic Ship Lifter”(水力式升船机成套技术创新与应用) obtained the special prize of Science and Technology Progress Award in Yunnan Province, “Research and Application of Key Technologies for Large and Complex Structures of Wind Resistant Design” (大型、复杂结构抗风设计关键技术研究和应用) obtained the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award in Hubei Province, “Technology and Application of Low Temperature Corrosion Controllable Gas Depth Cooling” (低温腐蚀可控的烟气深度冷却技术及应用) obtained the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award in Shaanxi Province, “Research and Application of Multi-dimensional Integrated Gas Intelligent Power Station” (多维度融合的燃气智慧电站研究与应用) obtained the first prize of China Electric Power Science and Technology Award, 3 achievements including “Key Technology of Super-high Arch Dam Construction in Super-highly Seismic Regions and Application of Dagangshan Project” (超强震区特高拱坝建设关键技术及大岗山工程应用) obtained the first prize of Hydroelectricity Science and Technology Award, 3 achievements including “Research and Application of Manufacturing and Installation Key Technologies of Super Large Load-balancing System” (特大型荷载平衡配重系统制造及安装关键技术研究与应用) obtained the first prize of Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements of Science and Technology Award granted by China Construction Enterprise Management Association, and “Research and Application of Rapid and High-quality Construction Technologies of Xiangjiaba Large Gravity Dam” (向家坝大型重力坝快速优质施工技术研究与应用) obtained the China Electric Power Innovation Award.
National Science and Technology Progress Award is one of the five State prizes in science and technology. It is the highest honor in China in science and technology, in order to recognize citizens and organizations who have made remarkable contributions to scientific and technological progress, and to promote the development of science and technology.


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