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The Vietnam Hai Duong Project Witnesses Visits Paid by Local Residents
Date:2019-10-18 VisitCount: Font size:[ L M S ]
On October 12th local time, the experience-oriented visit entiled “Visible Brilliance” was held at the construction site of the Hai Duong, Vietnam Thermal Power Plant Project. Residents from the local community as well as family members of the Vietnamese employees from the participating construction firms stepped into the site. The 2*600MW Thermal Power Plant Project in Hai Duong, Vietnam, are funded and built by Energy China. During the event, the family members of the Vietnamese employees and local residents visited the construction site, watched the project construction display board, and engaged in a discussion. Through the visit and exchange of ideas, they have formed a detailed understanding of the basic conditions, industrial advantages and social responsibilities of Energy China. They also have gained the first-hand knowledge about of the Vietnam Hai Duong Project in Vietnam, and increased their recognition with the win-win cooperation between China and Vietnam in terms of power and energy projects.

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