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World's Tallest Transmission Tower Tops out in China’s Jiangsu Province

The world's tallest transmission tower engineered by EnergyChina was successfully capped in east China’s Jiangsu Province recently, breaking the height record of the transmission tower. It’s 385 meters high (equivalent to the height of a building with 128 floors), with a series of world records such as the heaviest transmission tower and the transmission tower with the deepest foundation. It is a crucial part of the 500-kV power transmission project spanning the Yangtze River, the country's longest waterway. As the most technically difficult 500-kv cross-river network transmission project in the history of China's power construction, the project spans from Fengcheng to Meili County, connecting two 500-kv transformer substations in the two regions. After completion, the project will transmit 28.9 billion kWh of electricity from the northern to the southern bank of the Yangtze annually, benefiting about 8 million local households.

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