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Song Hailiang Shares Views on New Quality Productive Forces at Two Sessions

At this year's Two Sessions, CGTN's Gao Ang sat down with CPPCC member Song Hailiang, the chairman of China Energy Engineering Group, or Energy China. He gave his insights on what new quality productive forces mean for the company and the energy sector broadly, as well as promoting innovation and energy storage. 

SONG HAILIANG CPPCC Member, Chairman of Energy China "For Energy China, we interpret the development of new quality productive forces around four dimensions and transformations: innovation, green, digitalization, and integration. We have been focused on the layout of productive forces and resources of the strategic emerging industries and future industries. We also emphasize the transformation of innovative products and the establishment of innovative talent hubs. Specifically, we have made significant preliminary arrangements in this regard. For example, in terms of innovation, we focus on technological innovation and the construction of two major systems: new energy systems and new power systems to deploy our new quality productive forces. The development of new energy in this area has been extremely rapid. Over the past few years, our planning, design, and construction of integrated new energy have approached 50 million kilowatts, roughly more than four times the total in previous years." 

GAO ANG CGTN Reporter "Last year, you submitted a proposal for measures to support the rapid development of new energy storage. What progress has been made to implement them in the time since?"

SONG HAILIANG CPPCC Member, Chairman of Energy China "This proposal has received significant attention and support from industry and government. We have engaged in multiple discussions with relevant ministries. Through this proposal, and particularly due to the government's focus on the energy storage industry, we have been able to catalyze and propel the sector forward. Moreover, Energy China has been at the forefront of developments in compressed air energy storage, electrochemical energy storage, gravity energy storage, and other related areas. We have played a leading role in demonstrating and promoting advancements in the industry. Furthermore, we have established several large-scale energy storage facilities, leveraging the strengths of various entities across the industry chain, including state-owned enterprises, local enterprises, and a significant proportion of private enterprises. By building such a robust platform, we facilitate information and technology sharing, thereby serving both the industry and local governments collaboratively."