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CEEC Puts into Use Largest Distributed Energy Storage Project in Shaanxi Province, China

China's largest distributed energy storage project, which is also the first user-side distributed energy storage project in the country, was recently put into operation.

The distributed energy storage project in large-scale distribution station areas in Shaanxi, designed by China Energy Engineering Group Shaanxi Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., deploys 149 sets of distributed energy storage equipment in multiple counties and prefectures in central and southern Shaanxi Province, covering a total area of nearly 8,000 square kilometers.

Since the project was initiated, China Energy Engineering Group Shaanxi Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. has made on-the-spot surveys to 422 distribution station areas. Through thorough research of historical data from these areas and detailed analysis of their operational characteristics, the institute proposed a targeted energy storage solution.

The solution fully utilizes the rapid response and flexible regulation capabilities of energy storage systems to effectively address issues like voltage excursions and the integration of distributed solar photovoltaics. This enhances the flexible regulation capacity of distribution station areas and increases the operational flexibility of distribution networks.

Distributed energy storage refers to the technology of installing energy storage devices, such as batteries and supercapacitors, in distribution networks to achieve the storage and release of electrical energy. This helps balance the grid load and improve the reliability of power supply. These energy storage devices are used to address instantaneous load fluctuations and peak load demands in distribution networks, improving grid stability and response speed. They play an important role in balancing load during peak and valley periods, ensuring power supply during peak hours, maintaining safe and stable operations, as well as frequency and voltage regulation.