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Ceremony Held to Celebrate 1 Million Safe Hours of Manah II Solar Independent Power Project in Oman

Recently, a ceremony was held to celebrate 1 million safe hours of the Manah II solar independent power project in Oman, with CEEC Shanxi Electric Power Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. as the general contractor, at the construction site.


Over 300 Chinese and foreign builders from the owner of the project, China Power Engineering Consulting Group Limited, and other companies participating in the project jointly witnessed the milestone moment.


Since the official commencement on September 18, 2023, the general contracting project department has placed construction safety as a top priority in project management over the following 195 days, establishing a comprehensive safety management system and relevant regulations. With the concerted efforts of all personnel on site, the project has successfully achieved the interim safety management goal of "1 million safe hours."



During the ceremony, the project owner fully acknowledged the general contractor's efforts in continuously ensuring safety and its outstanding performance in aspects including safety, quality, environmental protection, and risk control. The project owner expressed the hope that safety management would be maintained to ensure the high-quality completion of all project milestones.



The builders of the project have consistently adhered to the principle of "putting safety first and focusing on risk prevention and guarded the bottom line of safety, ensuring the safe progress of the project. They are redoubling their efforts to comprehensively promote standardized safety management with high standards and strict requirements, striving to achieve the next "safety milestone."


At the event, the project owner and CEEC Shanxi Electric Power Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. jointly awarded the certificate of "celebrating 1 million safe hours" and prizes to the safety teams and outstanding employee representatives from companies participating in the project.


The 500MW Manah II solar independent power project encompasses an expansive area of 680.35 hectares in Manah and includes the establishment of a new 400kV booster station and transmission line.


Once completed, the project is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 340,000 tons annually, greatly alleviate the electricity pressure in the Manah region and surrounding areas of Oman, and help the Omani government attain its national renewable energy strategic targets for 2040.