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Gas Turbine of Uzbek Sydarya GTCC Power Plant Project Connected to Grid

A gas turbine of the 1500 MW natural gas-fired gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power plant project constructed by CEEC in Sydarya region, Uzbekistan, was connected to the grid and commenced electricity generation on June 25, local time.


Following the successful commercial operation of two gas turbine units in December 2023 and January 2024, this project, the largest GTCC power plant under construction in Central Asia, makes a solid step towards its full commercial operation.



Through careful planning, the project team overcame various challenges, effectively allocating resources to ensure smooth progress in activities such as acid cleaning, pipe flushing, and turbine commissioning.


During the commissioning process, they adhered to high standards and maintained continuous communication with relevant parties, ultimately achieving successful grid connection and power generation of the gas turbine.

Adopting H-class gas turbines with the highest combustion temperature, maximum single power and highest efficiency, the power plant will provide over 36 million kilowatt-hours of electricity daily to the local grid after completion.


With a total installed capacity accounting for 8 percent of Uzbekistan's power generation capacity, the project, a groundbreaking development in Uzbekistan's energy sector, will meet the electricity needs of millions of people and significantly contribute to the country's energy structure adjustment and power generation capacity improvement.