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Uzbekistan Prime Minister Aripov Visits Uzbekistan 1 GW PV Project Invested and Constructed by CEEC

On July 4, Uzbekistan Prime Minister Abdullah Aripov and his delegation have visited Uzbekistan 1 GW Photovoltaic Project, which is invested and constructed by CEEC, again after the synchronization and grid-connection at full capacity.

After arriving at the project by air, Mr. Aripov and the delegation have visited the substation central control room and the PV area of Bukhara 500 MW PV Project constructed by China Energy Construction Group Co.,Ltd. Prime Minister Aripov has highly praised the project's overall construction and power generation capacity, especially the speed of CEEC for full-capacity grid-connection, and said that both countries are working together along the Belt and Road, from which rich results have been achieved, and the project is a representative model in the cooperation between Uzbekistan and China. After inspecting the works, Mr. Aripov has visited the project staffs and expressed his gratitude and said “Xie Xie”to the Chinese side for their great efforts.

The 1GW project consists of Bukhara 500 MW PV Project and Qashqadaryo 500 MW PV Project. And Bukhara 500 MW PV Project is invested by China Energy Overseas Investment Co., Ltd. and generally contracted and constructed by China Energy Construction Group Co.,Ltd. At the largest PV project invested by a Chinese enterprise in Central Asia, a record in overseas engineering construction has been created at Uzbekistan 1 GW PV Project, and a new benchmark is set with the “Speed of CEEC”in Uzbekistan. After the operation of the Project, the annual power generation will be 2.4 billion kWh, which will guarantee Uzbekistan's summer energy supply.

Mr.Jurabek Mirzamahmudov, the Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan, and Mr. Zaripov Botir,the Governor of Bukhara Province, and the Project Manager of Bukhara 500 MW PV Project of China Energy Construction Group Co.,Ltd.have also participated in the activities.