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As the main contractor of this project, Energy China undertakes 65% of the construction work and overcomes a series of world-class technical difficulties.
Energy China was the sole contractor of this project in the early 1970s and successfully elevated the modernization level of China’s infrastructure construction.
The highest roller-compacted concrete gravity dam in the world (dam height: 216.5m). Energy China undertakes more than 40% of its construction work.
The highest double-curvature arch dam in the world (dam height: 305m). Energy China undertakes more than 50% of its construction work.
Hubei Shuibuya Hydropower Station - the highest concrete face rockfill dam in the world (dam height: 233m). Energy China undertakes almost all of its main construction work.
Sichuan Yele Hydropower Station is the highest-altitude asphalt concrete core-wall rockfill dam in the world (average altitude: 2700m).
Yeywa Hydropower Station undertaken by Energy China is currently the largest hydropower station in Myanmar.
The largest hydropower station in Ethiopia. Energy China undertakes the construction of the hyperbolic thin-wall concrete dam, which is the most difficult and technologically demanding part of the project.
Currently being built by Energy China in Pakistan. It is the largest overseas hydropower project undertaken by a Chinese enterprise.
Hydropower projects designed and built by Energy China have won National Excellent Engineering Design Top Award, such as Yantan Hydropower Station and Dahua Multi-purpose Hydropower Station on Hongshui River, Guangxi.
Energy China designed the Merowe Dam in Sudan. With a total installed capacity of 1250MW, it is known as the Three Gorges Project in Sudan and is the second largest hydropower station on the trunk stream of the Nile.
Energy China undertakes the Paute-Sopladora Hydropower Station in Ecuador.
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