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We are the largest supplier of auxiliary equipment for power plants in China with a full range of product offering and advanced technology. We engage in the design, manufacturing and sales of equipment for various segments of the power industry, and have the ability to provide complete sets of equipment for large power plants. Our products include auxiliary equipment for power plants, power grid equipment, steel structure and energy-efficient equipment. We are one of the three largest PRC designers and manufacturers of flue gas and dust removal equipment (for 1000MW and above generation units). We are also the only enterprise in China which is capable of designing and producing seawater filter and cathode protection systems for 1000MW nuclear power plants. We have constructed the world’s first vertically mounted drum filter trial platform. Our independently developed ±800 kV UHV dry-type flat wave reactor, 1000kV UHV AC series compensation damping reactor, and casting technology for ceramic-metal composite  ear-resistant parts employed advanced technologies in their respective fields.

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