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Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Farm in China is the first large-scale offshore wind power project in Asia.
Installed with two 30MW steam turbine power generation units, this power plant boasts the highest boiler efficiency per day, the largest construction scale, the best performance in commissioning, as well as the shortest construction period.
The world’s largest demonstration project for comprehensive utilization of new energies that integrates wind and solar hybrid system, energy storage system, and smart power transmission.
Nan’ao Wind Farm in Guangdong is the first project in China that realizes large-scale wind-PV complementary power generation, and creates the precedent for China’s development and utilization of renewable energies.
Badaling CSP Project is a key project of the national “863” program.
The world’s largest waste-to-energy power plant that was put into full operation as soon as it was completed.
The largest and most automated garbage incineration power plant in China.
The world’s largest distributed energy station with basement layout
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