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Equipment Manufacturing
Energy China has established several modern tower production bases in China and built a number of wind farms.
Energy China is one of China’s top three designers and manufacturers of flue-gas de-dusting equipment for 1000MW and above units.
Energy China is the only enterprise in China that is capable of designing and producing seawater filters and cathode protection systems for 1000MWe nuclear power plants.
Energy China’s large coal pulverizer is extremely competitive in both domestic and foreign markets and widely applied to such areas as power, building materials, metallurgy and chemical industry.
China’s first set of fixed DC de-icer and SVC at the 500kV Fuxing substation in Yiyang
Independently developed by Energy China, reachring the leading level in the world.
The largest-tonnage asphalt tanker in China
New-type pressure caisson for China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd.
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