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Survey, Design and Consultancy

The survey, design and consultancy business is our core and pivotal segment among our overall businesses. We primarily provide survey and design services for large-scale power generation and grid projects in China and abroad, covering all major power sources. In addition, we provide a broad range of consultancy services, including policy consultation for the power industry, evaluation, assessment and supervision of power projects. Our survey and design business had market shares of 81.1% in the fossil-fuel power projects in terms of completed contract value, 52.6% in the power transmission lines (330kV-and-above) market and 73.7% in the UHV transmission lines market, both in terms of length installed in China in2014. As of March 31, 2015, among all nuclear power generation units in operation and under construction in China, we had a 90.8% market share in the survey and design of conventional islands in terms of installed capacity.

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