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CSR Practices

Energy China upholds the principle of “independent innovation, social contribution, scientific development and mutual harmony”, the mission of “Bringing Energy to the World” and the strategic vision of becoming a “world-class industrial leader”. Having established a sound CSR management system, Energy China implements CSR in all respects and effectively manages the social and environmental impacts caused by corporate operations, so as to well balance corporate development with CSR. It strives to play an exemplary role in performing CSR, and in achieving the harmonious development of itself, its employees, stakeholders, the society and the environment.

Honoring contracts

Energy China carefully organizes and strictly manages its overseas projects, sets rigorous and clear quality targets, and keeps making innovations in project quality and safety management mode. By making inspection plans and regularly inspecting every project, Energy China ensures quality projects for the host country and its people.

The Bamako No.3 Bridge undertaken by Energy China in Mali is the largest economic-aid project implemented by China in Africa. The project participants are granted the Presidential Medal by the Malian government.

Protecting employees’ rights and interests

Always emphasizing localized management, Energy China selects local managerial and technical talents for its overseas projects and gives priority to local workers, so as to provide job opportunities for the locals with payment higher than the local average.
So far, we have provided 40,000 jobs to foreign managerial staff and workers in host countries. 65% of the staff members in our overseas project offices and branches are locals.
We strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the host country and always pay social insurances for local employees on time and in full.
We have special training centers and organize more than 2200 training sessions every year, through which 60,000 persons have been trained.

Contributing to public welfare

We take an active part in various activities in host countries to support their public welfare causes. We have donated money to disaster-stricken areas and impoverished populations, and built roads, water works and other infrastructure projects for host countries.
Since 2009, we have spent accumulatively around USD30 million and dispatched a raft of human resources and dredging equipment every year to clean up sludge and sewage from more than 50km channels in the city proper of Luanda, Angola.
In 2012, we carried out a volunteer service campaign. Altogether 5392 volunteers provided services and RMB5.7 million was donated.
In February 2011, we undertook the important task of evacuating Chinese nationals from the western part of Libya. We sent all our 1060 employees in Libya back to China safe and sound, properly arranged for 2056 workers from other countries, and helped more than 12000 people from 11 Chinese enterprises return home safely. Our actions established a good image for Chinese enterprises - showing love for all nationalities and fulfilling social responsibility in all parts of the world.
On day in March 2008, the headquarters of Angola Criminal Investigation Department suddenly collapsed. We immediately dispatched more than 150 capable technicians and more than 30 sets of large equipment to help with emergency rescue and completed the task with great success. Our actions were highly praised in local society and reported by Chinese and foreign media including Xinhua News Agency, all acclaiming Energy China’s humanitarian actions.
To improve the teaching conditions of schools in Angola, we spent more than USD2 million restoring the No.6 school in Lobito, Bengla. The money was used to restore the campus wall and teaching building, maintain the campus ground, set up road lamps, build a football ground, public toilet, security duty room, teachers’ lounge, and the school gate. The beach and garbage station near the school were also cleaned and renovated, giving the school an entirely new image. We also funded Angolan students to study in China, thus promoting the development of local education and the cultural exchanges between the two countries.
In December 2011, we took an active part in the flood control and emergency rescue in Venezuela, and donated VEB314,720 (equivalent to RMB472,000) to the flooded areas. Our actions were warmly praised by the local government and people.
When Fiji was hit by the severest flood in a century, we donated money to the Fijian government to help with disaster relief. Fiji Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama accepted the donation check in his office, and expressed his sincere gratitude for our generous assistance to the Fijian people.

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