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Energy China represents the highest level of power project construction using EPC format in China.
Put into operation in June of 2013, it is the first power plant in the world that has adopted 660MW ultra supercritical coal-fired air cooling unit as the main equipment.
A one-of-a-kind project in the world for its 1000MW unit, 1000MVA main transformer and 1000kV UHV transmission line.
With a planned total installed capacity of 6000MW and 4×1000MW USC coal-fired units already in operation, the Project features a net coal consumption rate of 292.99g/kWh at a net efficiency of 45.4%, reaching an internationally advanced level.
The largest operating fossil fuel power plant in China. At present, 2×600MW units in Phase V are under preparation, which, when completed, will drive the total installed capacity of Togtoh Project to 6600MW, the largest in Asia.
The first localized 600MW SC coal-fired unit in China.
With a total installed capacity of 4540MW, it is one of the largest coal-fired power plants in China featuring the best overall energy conservation and environmental performance in China.
The planned installed capacity is 5000MW and is implemented in three phases.the world’s most efficient USC generation unit
It is designed to build 4×1000MW USC coal-fired units and a 400KT/day seawater desalination plant.
Energy China is EPC contractor of the 2×1000MW Huilai Power Plant Phase II in Guangdong.
The first large-scale gas-steam combined cycle CCHP project in China.
Energy China designed and built the 2×1000MW extension project of Ninghai Power Plant Phase II in Zhejiang.
Energy China designed Beilun Power Plant Phase III in Zhejiang with 2×1000MW USC coal-fired units.
Energy China designed the 300MW STANARI coal-fired power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Energy China is EPC contractor of the 344MW Bibiyana II combined cycle project in Bangladesh.
Energy China is EPC contractor of the 2×600MW Duyenhai power plant in Vietnam.
Energy China undertakes the 1×600MW Adipala Power Plant in Indonesia.
Energy China undertakes the 2×600MW Atlas Power Plant in Turkey.
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