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With world-leading nuclear power construction technology, Energy China has undertaken the construction of more than 40 conventional islands, containment sphere lifting for 17 nuclear islands and some nuclear island installation in China.
With a design thermal power of 65MW and electric power of 20MW, it is one of the few high-power experimental fast reactors in the world that can produce electricity.
The 300MW Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase I designed and built by Energy China is the first nuclear power plant in China and won the Special Award for National Best Engineering Designs.
With a total investment of about RMB73.2 billion, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant is a key energy project in China’s 11th Five-year Plan, and a landmark project for large-scale, serialized and standardized nuclear power development in China.
The first AP1000 nuclear power project in the world. With a total installed capacity of 7500MWe, the project will be built in three phases with a total investment of more than RMB100 billion.
Ling’ao Nuclear Power Project Phase II is a 1000MWe nuclear power plant with the highest localization rate in China so far.
Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in Jiangsu is a key nuclear power project in China’s Ninth Five-year Period.
Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant is the first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant in China.
The cooling tower designed by Energy China for Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Plant in Hunan features the largest by packing area and height in the world today.
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